Our handmade Bouncies are created in Germany with high quality wood and other materials. They include a spring and wooden ring. The object is simple – Bouncies have one mission in life and that is to make you smile! Hang from a ceiling fan pull, a desk light, above the sink, above a bed or any where you need a little lift. Tie to the string of a helium balloon for example.
Bouncies are not toys. They are collectables. If they hit the floor or a hard surface too many times they will of course break. Most breaks are easily repaired with a hot glue gun. (Not included)
All of our Bouncies from Bohemia are handcrafted in Old World Style using only the best wood and fabric. All paint is certified lead-free. Not recommended for babies.

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Bouncies from Bohemia are imported under exclusive arrangement with the manufacturer. We are the only North American distributors. If you are a store owner and would like to discuss wholesale purchasing please get in touch with us.