Bouncies Order Page for Store Owners

For private customers please visit a store near you or contact us to find your nearest retailer.

What are Bouncies?

Bouncies are handcrafted wooden whimsical figures on a spring measuring from 6 to 8 inches tall which bounce up and down with the slightest touch. They have one mission in life – to make you smile. And, they have performed that mission since the early 1990s in Europe and since 2008 in North America.

We are the exclusive distributors for Bouncies in North America, following our own amazing success with Bouncies in our 1,500 square foot retail store in Sarasota, Florida.

Store owners need to contact us in order to get set up with an account. Pricing and ordering information is kept confidential to store owners only. We will set you up with a new account, as a new customer, as long as you qualify.

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Orders may also be faxed to 941-706-4509